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An independent film production company founded in Paris (France) in 2004 by filmmaker Augusto Contento and film producer Giancarlo Grande, Cineparallax distinguishes itself by projects that challenge definitions and blend experimental film, documentary, music and visual arts. Born as a creative laboratory, the company emphasizes international artistic collaboration and explores alternative ways of funding its projects. Cineparallax’s activity has brought together professionals, production companies and art institutions in France, Italy, Brazil, England, Germany, United States, Australia and Finland. The films produced by Cineparallax were exhibited in film festivals and special events all over the world, received international awards and were broadcasted by TV channels in France, Italy, Brazil and Finland.   


Currently in production:

Parallax Sounds, a documentary feature by Augusto Contento.

The project received grants from  the Driehaus Fundation (Chicago, USA), CNC-COSIP, National French Fund (France), North Westphalia Production Fund, the Main European Regional Fund (Germany).

In co-production with YLE (Finland), Telessonne (France), Academy Award's nominated director and producer Luca Guadagnino's company First Sun (Italy), Troika Entertainment (Germany) and Bullet proof (USA).

 - Best project at Sound on Sight, RIFF-Rejkiavik International Film Festival, Iceland, 2008
- Selected as one of the 24 best projects at Pitchting Sessions, Barcelona Film Festival, Spain, 2008

Produced films:

2012 Journal de bord d’un bateau fantôme, a feature film by Augusto Contento, 100’, FullHD 1920x1080, 16/9 – 1,78:1, Digital Dolby 5.1

2011 El Cuento, a short film by Enrico Mandirola.

The project received a grant from the Centre National de la Cinématographie (France).

2010 Diarchie, a short movie by Fernando Cito Filomarino, 35mm, 20', Digitaly Dolby 5.1

In coproduction with First Sun (Italy), Buena Onda (Italy) and Protonic (Italy).

Festival Selection :

Braunshweig International Film Festival (Germany, 2011), Dresda International Short Film Festival (Germany, 2011), Bruxelles Short FIlm Festival (Belgium, 2011), Cracovie Film Festival (Poland, 2011), FesTroia (Portugal, 2011), IndieLisboa (Portugal, 2011), Sundance Film Festival (U.S.A., 2011), Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Sweden, 2011), Seville European Film Festival (Spain, 2010), Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland, 2010), Turin Film Festival (Italy, 2010).

Awards :

*** European Film Award
at Bruxelles Short FIlm Festival (Belgium, 2011)

*** Honorable Mention 
at Sundance Film Festival (U.S.A., 2011)

*** Pianifica Award
at Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland, 2010)

Strade d’acqua (Roads of Water), a feature film by Augusto Contento, 115’, FullHD 1440x1080, 16/9 – 1,78:1, Digital Dolby 5.1

In collaboration with France-Libertés – Fondation Danielle Mitterrand, Mairie de Paris and Eau de Paris, UNESCO Worldwide Patronage .

The original soundtrack, composed by Ken Vandermark and performed by the Predella group (Ken Vandermark, Jeff Parker, Tim Daisy, Jeb Bishop, Fred Lonberg Holm, Jemie Branch and Nate McBride), was published by the Polish label Multikulti.

The film will be distributed by UNESCO in 195 countries.

Festival Selection:

Rome International Film Festival (Italy, 2009), Madrid Italian Film Festival, (Spain, 2009), Rencontres Internationaux Eau et Cinéma (Paris, France, 2010), Festival Internazionale UN FILM PER LA PACE (Gorizia, Italy, 2010), Brésil en Mouvement (Paris, France, 2010), Flower Film Festival (Assisi, Italy, 2010), Oltre la Vita il Cinema (Carpi, Italia, 2010).

2008 Strade Trasparenti (Transparent Roads), a feature film by Augusto Contento, 90’, Dvcam, 4/3 – 1,33:1, Digital Dolby 5.1

Broadcasted by YLE (Finland), RAISat Cinema (Italy), SESC TV (Brazil)

The soundtrack, featuring original music by David Grubbs, The Necks, Mira Calix, O-Type, São Paulo Underground and Mute Socialite, was published by the German label Staubgold. 

Festival Selection:

Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland, 2008), Colorado Film Festival (Denver, USA, 2008), BAFICI (Argentina, 2009).

2007 Tramas, a feature film by Augusto Contento, 100’, Dvcam, 4/3 – 1,33:1, Digital Dolby 5.1. Screening format 35mm

The soundtrack features original music by Chris Abrahams, Noël Akchoté, Chris Brown, Tony Buck, Werner Dafeldecker, David Daniell, Margareth Kammerer, Günter Müller, Jim Pugliese, Gino Robair and Peter Zummo.

Broadcasted by RAISat Cinema (Italy), RAI Cinema (Italy), SESC TV (Brazil). Broadcasted by the National Italian Television RAI3 (Italy) during Fuori Orario, in a selection of the most young emergent Italian directors' movies, RAISat Cinema ecc....

Won the Selective Fund for 35mm postproduction from the Île de France region (France).

Awards :

*** Best Italian Documentary at Martini Premier Award (Italy, 2009)

*** Best Director and Best soundtrack at Sulmona Cinema International Film Festival (Italy, 2008)

*** Best Film at Visioni di Fata Morgana Film Festival (Cosenza, Italy, 2008)

Festival Selection:

Locarno Film Festival (Switzerland, 2008), Bellaria Film Festival (Italy, 2008), Sulmona Film Festival (Italy, 2008),  Les Ecrans Documentairs de Paris (France, 2008), Colorado Film Festival, (Denver, USA, 2008), Visioni di Fata Morgana Film Festival (Cosenza, Italy, 2008)

2007 Onibus, a feature film by Augusto Contento, 55’, Dvcam

Broadcasted by RAISat Cinema (Italy) and SESC TV (Brazil)

Awards :

*** Best Film and Best Director at Sulmona International Film Festival (Italy, 2007)

*** Best Documentary at Bellaria Film Festival (Italy, 2007)

*** Best Documenray at Ischia International Film Festival (Italy, 2007)

*** Quality Prix at Terra di Tutti i film Festival (Bologna, Italy, 2008)

Festival Selection:

Bellaria Film Festival (Italy, 2007), MIS (São Paulo, Brazil, 2007), A-3Art contemporary art Festival of Paris (France, 2007), Ischia International Location Film Festival (Italy, 2007), FID Marseille Video Library (France, 2007), Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Lussas Video Library (France, 2007), Santarcangelo dei Teatri Festival delle Arti (Italy, 2007), Sulmona Film Festival (Italy, 2007), Calabria Film Festial (Italy, 2007), Roma Film Festival (Italy, 2007), Quintessence - Festival International du film de Ouidah (Benin, 2008), One World – International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Prague, Czech Republic, 2008), Pozzuoli Film Festival (Italy, 2008), Flower Film Festival (Italy, 2008), One World – International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival World Tour (Madrid, Spain, 2008), Terra di tutti i film festival (Bologna, Italy).

Onibus opened the Contemporary Music and Film Festival in Leeds (United Kingdom, 2008) at the Opera North, with a special orchestration composed by Mira Calix and performed by the Opera North of Leeds Orchestra.

Press Review

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Coming soon

March 2012  Bertolucci, Une Lueur Avant du Crépuscule, a feature film by Augusto Contento, in co-production with Canal+, France.

August 2012 shootings for Impronte e polvere, a documentary in the Sertao desertic Region in Brasil, by Augusto Contento and Ombre di sabbia, a movie on life of fisherman and peasants in the oceanic deserts in Bahia, Brazil, by Augusto Contento.

September 2012  Rosso Cenere, a documentary film by Adriano Aprà.

The project received a grant from Cosip (France) and is co-produced by the French TV channel Canal+.

October 2012  L'Âme du Guepard, a documentary film by Annarita Zambrano, in coproduction with Canal+, France.